Eagan Chiropractic is the best! I have been a patient for years having Dr. Eagan treat issues and injuries that pop up from time to time as well as maintenance because of the stresses my job as a photographer bring about. The fact he mixes chiropractic and muscle therapy treatments are exactly what I need and he keeps me feeling great and healthy!

-Shawn B.

Eagan Chiropractic

For All Your Chiropractic Needs serving the Northshore area

Whether you're suffering from headaches, neck pain or back pain or if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or a work related injury in the Northshore area; Dr. Eagan's treatment plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual patient. His doctrine is simple, "treat the condition and get the patient feeling better. We start off very easy, very gentle. As you get better, we do more." No hardcore sales pitches, no signing up or a preset number of visits. Just an honest evaluation and an effective treatment plan to get you back to where you were prior to your injury.

Then, when the patient is feeling better and only if he or she is interested, we can discuss maintaining your health through a balance of chiropractic adjustments, exercise and nutrition.

If you have never been to a chiropractor and want to learn more or if you want to schedule an appointment please email us or call us today.

Head Pain Treatment and Chronic Back Pain

Professional Treatment & Results in the Northshore area

If you're experiencing back pain, head pain, or neck pain in the Northshore area, don't wait any longer to schedule an appointment with our experts to start feeling better soon! Many people in Lynn, MA wait too long to see a professional to help them with their back and neck pain. There is no need to live every day with chronic back pain, which is why we give our patients individual attention and treatment that caters to their pain. Our chiropractic care is like no other, and we focus on giving each patient their own treatment plan for the pain they are experiencing. If you're living with back pain or head pain, don't hesitate to visit our Lynn, MA office today!

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